Children's Home outside Brasilia

Volunteering in a children's home, Brazil
Volunteer to help these children in Brazil
Volunteering in this children's home is a life changing experience
Children and young people outside their house in this volunteer project.
Volunteer accommodation
Accommodation in this volunteer placement in Brazil
Volunteers will work with children of all ages
The countryside around the home is beautiful

This wonderful children's home set in a rural location in central Brazil is a truly exceptional place where volunteering is a privilege.  Everything the children need is on the site - school, church, accommodation, places to play, dining facilities, laundry.  The children live in mixed houses looked after by a house mother, or monitor, in single sex dormitories.  The children are responsible for keeping their accommodation clean and tidy as part of their weekly routine as well as attending school.  You as a volunteer will play with the children and give them the individual love and attention that will make such a difference to their lives and yours.

At present the home provides a safe haven for 180 children and young people from birth to age 18.  Some attend school on the site whilst the older ones go to school in a nearby town.  Volunteers play an important role in the lives of these children.   You have the time to give them individual attention, to play with them, do different activities with them and to show them a different culture.  The skills that each volunteer brings are highly valued and can be accommodated within the weekly timetable.

Those who wish to volunteer with adults with special needs can do so here as there is a house catering for this.  A small number of adults are accommodated here in this safe haven and this can be very rewarding work.

This volunteer placement is a unique opportunity.  The surrounding countrywide is very beautiful, the home is remarkable and the experience of volunteering there is life changing.

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