• This placement is an internship for 2 - 6 months offering volunteers the opportunity to be a classroom assistant to a teacher in secondary schools in Brazil. For some, this could also mean the opportunity of teaching a class after a period of practical training. For all those looking to go into not only teaching but other professions, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Volunteer to help these children in Brazil
    This wonderful home in a very rural location in central Brazil offers volunteers the chance to give these children some love and individual attention that they need so much. The home provides a stable environment for children from very difficult backgrounds and gives them an education and the opportunity to thrive. Everything they need is provided there away from the turmoil of the large cities. They need volunteers to play with the children, help with the daily routine, teach English, art, music, but above all spend time with them. It is a wonderful, peaceful haven and a very special place to volunteer in South America.
  • Volunteering in this part of Brazil is a wonderful opportunity to live as part of a unique culture on an island in this particularly beautiful location in South America. Here our volunteers live and work with traditional fishing communities who need volunteers to help teach English, create a local library, develop sustainable tourist attractions, advice and training in hygiene and basic health/nutrition, and help their young people to learn music, drama and IT.
  • Volunteers in this project in a coastal village north of Salvador, Bahia, will work for a month teaching English around the theme of the Living Seas. The aim is to encourage adolescents to develop social responsibility through the understanding and appreciation of the importance of the oceans to their local community, and through that to the wider world.
  • Environmental volunteers in Brazil live and work in this Reserve covering 4,000 hectares of land, including mountains, in Rio de Janeiro State. The primary work of the reserve is the reforestation of the land and the re-establishment of the wetlands. The reserve is a well-known centre for rare birds. There is much work for volunteers in all areas of tree planting and care, clearing paths, cataloguing flora and fauna, assisting with parties of school children on educational trips.
  • Volunteers in Brazil will work in this community school in a very poor neighbourhood of Camaçarí. The school provides places for 150 children aged between 3 and 8 years who attend either in the morning or the afternoon. They need volunteer help to teach the children English, play with them, sing, dance, draw and paint. By volunteering here in Brazil you will make a profound difference to these children's lives in a short space of time.
  • Environmental volunteering in Brazil doesn't come much better than in this Sanctuary which seeks to re-establish a part of the Atlantic Rainforest in the north east of Brazil. And volunteers who go at the right time of year will also help with marking turtle nests and helping to release baby turtles.

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